Webinar: Their Stories: Learning from Autobiographies of People Who Are Blind or Have Visual Impairment


Presented by: Jane Erin
Professor Emeritus, Univerity of Arizona

Date: 10/17/2020

Throughout recorded history, people with visual impairments have often written personal stories to reflect their challenges, experiences, and accomplishments. These life stories can provide role models and examples of diverse experiences to others who have visual impairment. Autobiographies can also inform and motivate professionals whose contact with each student or client is often limited to a short period of time and who rarely have an opportunity to note changes over years or decades.

The presenter will describe the range of autobiographies written by people with visual impairments, beginning with the mid-1800’s to present day. Contemporary books demonstrate more diverse life experiences and choices, including academic accomplishments, physical achievements, and family challenges. Participants will receive a listing of autobiographies, and they will be encouraged to consider visual impairment as one of many factors that influence life experiences.