Webinar: 5 Literacy Activities for Blind/VI Students Who are Emergent Readers and Writers


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Date: 10/24/2020

This presentation is for educators and service providers who work with students of all ages who are Blind/VI with additional disabilities. Many of these students may be moving toward conventional literacy instruction, but need creative and thoughtful sensory and learning supports to get there. Megan will share and demonstrate 5 examples of Comprehensive Literacy (Erickson & Koppenhaver, 2013) activities adapted for Blind/VI students with additional disabilities: Shared Reading, Shared Writing, Independent Reading, Independent Writing, and Working with Letters and Sounds. All activities will include video demonstrations and step-by-step directions. Join us to add some motivating activities to your instructional toolbox for both distance and in-person settings as we practice the mantra: “Every child reads. Every child writes.”