Webinar: What’s New with the BrailleNote Touch Plus – New Features, Practical Applications and Connected Students


Presented by: Rachel Feinberg, Peter Tucic, and Kevin Hughes (Humanware)

Date: 10/17/2020

HumanWare has been busy adding important functionality to the BrailleNote Touch Plus over the last six months. The new features include the implementation of one hand mode, Braille learning tables, addition of the Nemeth Code Scientific Calculator and PDF support. Our webinar will look closely at how the braille learning tables are established and serve as a key piece of braille literacy for a second or third grade student. We will look at how a student takes advantage of the new improvements to the Calculator application as well as how to switch seamlessly through applications. The BrailleNote becomes an essential tool with at home and on campus learning expectations. The BrailleNote Touch keeps your students connected. We will demonstrate the ability to download and edit PDF files from cloud-based applications such as Classroom, Canvas and Schoology.