Webinar: Classroom Success with eSight: Empowering Students with Visual Impairment


Presented by: Brian McCollum, Rosa Henderson, and Jeanette Contant-Galitello (eSight)

Date: 10/24/2020

A growing number of students with low vision and legal blindness are seeing new possibilities inside the classroom and out, with eSight. Clinically-validated, eSight 4 is a wearable assistive technology that significantly enhances vision while maintaining 100% mobility retention. Including a product demonstration and student case studies, in this workshop, you will learn how eSight works and how students at the elementary to College level are using eSight to succeed at school in social, extra-curricular and academic contexts. You will also gain invaluable tips and tricks for helping your students with low vision achieve their goals with eSight.