Spring 2021: Using baseline data to analyze pre-made CVI activities



Presented by: Stephanie Steffer

Date: 05/07/2021

What happens after you’ve completed the necessary assessments? We will utilize the baseline data gathered to analyze pre-made CVI activities. Next, we will review student profiles, identify which of those activities would be best fit, and their purpose. Finally, we will modify activities when a pre-made activity is not available.
Session objectives:
● When given an activity, participants will identify what CVI Phase it is most appropriate for.
● When given an activity within each CVI phase and a student profile, participants will identify which activities are most appropriate for a warm-up and for access to curriculum.
● When given an IEP goal, with a visual learning modality, participants identify factors to consider when creating visual targets.

Stephanie Steffer is the Business Director at CViConnect and one of the founding teachers for the platform. Before this role, she was a Teacher Consultant serving children with visual impairments in Michigan for ten years. Additionally, she is a Perkins-Roman CVI Range Endorsed professional. She has presented for state-wide AER conferences and virtual live events with CViConnect. Some of these recordings can be found on the CViConnect YouTube Channel.