Webinar: Virtual Assistive Technology Instruction

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Presented by: Julie Rock – Foundation for Blind Children

Date: 04/28/2021

This discussion will share techniques for virtual assistive technology instruction, focusing on the following objectives:
1) Devices and Software needed by the student for virtual instruction
a. Possible loaner laptop with Windows 10—External keyboard and monitor dependent on student
b. Virtual Platform: MS Teams
c. Assistive Technology: JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion
d. Talking Typer e. IT Support
2) Devices needed by the instructor
a. Laptop or Desktop Computer
b. Current version of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion
3) Methods for connecting with the student’s laptop visually, auditorily, and physically.
a. MS Teams Screen Sharing to visually and audibly connect with tasks students are completing in real time
b. JAWS Tandem to visually and audibly connect with the student’s computer through the JAWS platform. This is very useful for students who demonstrate frustration with a keyboard command that isn’t working; i.e. is the computer failing the student or is the student inadvertently using the incorrect keyboard command? This allows the instructor to physically connect with the computer.
c. Windows Quick Assist is a second way to physically connect with a student’s laptop if student and instructor are mouse users; i.e. this is not supported by JAWS or Narrator
d. IT Support to assist the student and instructor if the computer is failing the student and needs an IT challenge resolved
4) Ensuring success.
a. Two to four virtual meetings for 1 to 1 ½ hours per week dependent on a student’s needs
b. Notes completed during instruction
c. Assignments including Talking Typer
d. Five sessions with facilitator to practice; not necessarily a tech instructor