Webinar: Honoring our Disability Rights History, to the Present Day

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Presented by: Vicki Cuscino & Hailey Thoman (Direct Advocacy & Resource Center)

Date: 07/14/2021

We, people with disabilities, have always comprised the largest minority group and been part of American history. Yet, most of the stories and events never make it into the history books or classes. Join us on a journey through time of the untold disability story so we can explore the Disability Rights Movement’s past, present, and potential. We will celebrate our rich history and make the important connection between then and now, and the importance of continuing to shape our future.

This presentation was started at the AZ AER Conference this past spring. We traveled through history up until 1978 and this presentation will start where we left off and take us to present day. Seeing the first presentation is not a requirement to understand what will be covered in this presentation, but will help you see how far we have come with disability rights, even though there is still much work to be done. Please visit the “Courses” link at my.azaer.org if you would like to register for access to “Honoring Our Disability Rights History,” part 1.