Webinar: Fusion Training

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Presented by: Kevin O’Brien – Foundation for Blind Children

Date: 10/30/2020

Kevin teaches TVI’s about, and how to use Fusion by Freedom Scientific. Fusion is an AT software which combines ZoomText (a screen magnifier), and JAWS (a screen reader). This allows someone with low-to-no vision to be able to access a computer and information independently. If you have Fusion, you can also choose to run ZoomText alone, or JAWS alone. You can also run ZoomText and JAWS as separate programs if you prefer, but there is not many times when that option would be better than running Fusion. Fusion is one of the leading (if not the best) software’s in its class, due to the many keyboard commands that make it powerful. JAWS is also the most used Windows Screen reader, which makes Fusion speech top of the line.