Spring 2021: Sensory Boxes for Virtual Learning

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Presented by: Mike Stetter

Date: 05/07/2021

The oncoming of virtual learning has been a sudden and turbulent shift for both instructors and students with the arrival of the COVID19 pandemic. Even with the gradual return to in-person learning, this model of instruction appears here to stay, especially for specialists serving rural, hard-to-reach communities. The distribution of sensory boxes was found to be a beneficial supplement to stimulate and engage students with sensory needs in their own home when straightforward videoconference instruction had been lacking. This presentation will answer these questions: What goes in a sensory box? Who can benefit from one? How to procure them without opening up your own wallet?

Mike has been a Teacher of the Deaf/Hard-of-hearing with Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind for 20 years. He has served students in both campus and itinerant settings from birth through 21 years. Mike is also a trained Deafblind Intervener, supporting students with dual sensory impairments has been a constant thread throughout his career. The majority of his experience has been within schools and homes in the Navajo and Hopi nations in the northeast corner of the state. In free time, Mike enjoys traveling and outdoor adventures with his family, playing ice hockey, and spinning vinyl records.