Spring 2021: Cool and useful devices and apps for greater independence

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Presented by: Foundation for Blind Children’s: Matthew Bullis, Julie Rock, and Cynthia Woods

Date: 05/08/2021

A fun look at what is new! We will demonstrate devices and SMART phone apps that make living less challenging for those who are BVI. The presenters have almost a decade of experience instructing adults and a lifetime of conquering the challenges with a visual impairment or blindness to share. There will be discussion of devices and apps which may be familiar (PenFriend and Seeing AI) and what’s new on the scene (Orbit braille display and EYE-D app). There will also be discussion of new accessibility features available in the latest iOS 13 operating system. Some hands-on demonstration with devices and exploration of apps will be available. Matthew Bullis has been a screen reader user for over twenty years, and has been with the Foundation for over eight years. He enjoys finding new technology, exploring new features, and conveying these concepts to his students. Matthew is also a talented musician. Julie Rock is the Manager of Adult Comprehensive Services for the Foundation for Blind Children. She has her Masters (WMU) and certification in VRT and has worked with FBC as a technology, braille, independent living, and orientation and adjustment to disability instructor. Cynthia Woods is a certified vision rehabilitation therapist who enjoys sharing her love of braille with her adult students as they develop braille literacy skills. She holds a Master of Arts in vision rehabilitation therapy from Western Michigan University. She also serves as secretary of the Board of Directors of Guide Dogs of the Desert.