Fall 2019: Meaningful STEM Learning for Students with Visual Impairments: PBL

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Presented by: Sevgi Kirboyun and Garrison Tsinajinie
Project Based Learning (PBL) has been described as, “an innovative approach to learning that teaches a multitude of strategies critical for success in the twenty-first century. Within PBL, students drive their own learning through inquiry, as well as work collaboratively to research and create projects that reflect their knowledge (Bell, 2015, p. 39)”. Using a Project Based Learning framework, Project Based Learning Opportunities and Exploration of Mentorship for Students with Visual Impairments in STEM (Project POEM) developed an intervention focused on increasing the STEM awareness, knowledge, persistence, and resilience of students with visual impairments interested in pursuing STEM careers. This presentation will discuss the summer 2018 qualitative findings of Project POEM’s Readiness Academy, one segment of the year-long intervention. Presenters will address the following research question: To what degree and under what conditions does participation in an intervention (Readiness Academy) provide engaging and relevant project-based learning experiences for students with VI? Presenters will share practical strategies to support students with VI in STEM education.